Monday, May 5, 2014

Last of the Humboldt four!

This week man... this email is brought to y'all by word Muslim, the of game Pool, and the Restoration. But before we jump into that first things first. My good friend Elder Wells is being transferred so I am the last elder of the original humboldt four. That's right I have six more weeks here in Trenton which will equal a total of six months here.

   Sorry Mom. We are at the north east tip of the mission on the other side of the Mississippi (Response to whether or not his mom would see him cleaning up after the tornado in the many pictures that were going around). That is awesome that you are helping out those people in the Searcy Stake. Come to think of it I spent the first half of my mission in that stake...weird how fast the time goes.

    So this week started off with us walking the streets around 1030 am and getting thirsty. So we stopped into a gas station and met a man with a name that  I have no I idea how to spell or say. he offered me 10 bucks if could but it was of no use. He then asked  us if we were from the CIA, FBI, NSa ,or MI5 we told him we were  Representatives of Jesus Christ. He told us he was a Muslim from Jerusalem  and asked what church we were from. We said the chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He then said "Mormons??? Then I have question for you". I said shoot. He said" how many wives can you have max?" It was fun and we got his phone number and plan on stopping by his place some time. 

  Then on Saturday we came out of an awesome lesson with a guy name Roland,  and as we went back to the car we saw a couple guys playing Pool and so we played with them. One was drinking pretty heavy that day, and challenged Elder Oblad to a one on one match where Elder Oblad beat the guy and we talked for a bit.

  Life is awesome if you use the gospel. It can be crazy but if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be prepared for whatever comes around. 

From Elder (Ryan) Duron