Monday, November 25, 2013

Piggott Rising

HI there. It is soo cold! But I plan  to buy a jacket, gloves, and a hat. A member made scarves for me and Pedersen.

   My oh my,  I forgot the camera! I am such a Pyle! ( goof) I had pictures of the Memphis temple and everything, but oh well. So out with Elder Pedersen and in with my new comp Elder Bluth. Guess where he is from... no not Tonga but Sandy Utah.

   We were teaching Skippy and Dolores last Friday and man the spirit was there.  During the lesson their grandson Logan walked in and looked at the ceiling . I gazed up and saw a huge spider. Logan said " I'll be back" so we went on. Then he comes in with a 12 gage shot gun and I think my gosh he is going to shoot that spider back to kingdom come. But he grabbed the barrel and smashed it with the butt of the gun.
All three of them are reading and praying to know the truth.

   We have been coming up with new ways to find people because Elder Bluth broke his leg before he came to Piggott. So we have been putting our names on lists at the hospital  and the community  center of people who can go and see those who are in need or are ill. We have faith that this we lead us to the elect.

  The sister  missionaries are having a hard time right now. Their top progressing investigator ran away  with the circus. I am not kidding. He joined the circus and as the strong man is going to travel the country. He says they are stopping in Tucson somewheres so keep your eyes peeled for a Cody Haggar, and when you do find him sick the missionaries on him!!!
  The branch is coming along just fine. I wish I brought that camera, but oh well.

Love Elder R.E. Duron

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hunters of men, Hunted by a Mean Santa, Kishkumen the Cat and Transfers

 What's up Mi Familia. Another week full of cra-craziness! 

   We went to a place called Searcy (sir-cee) for a meeting. In the meeting we were taught how to be hunters in this fullness of times. We were also told how we should testify to everyone we talk to and share the message of the restored gospel and how it blesses and seals families. It was awesome and I got a lot out of it.

   We have had a lot of good things happen and a lot of weird things happen as well. The good is we found and taught a lot of people this week. Skippy came to church and loved it and the members fellowshipped him very well.

    Okay now down to the  nitty gritty of the week. It starts off with Kishkumen, not the robber but the cat. We woke up one day to find a cat chilling on our car. we tried everything to make it go away but all it wanted was to come in our house! And one time after a very busy day we came in and there is Kishkumen chilling right under our table. Well let's just say we casted him out of our midst.

    Then we went out. we were walking down this long road when I get this feeling saying 'hey someone is following you.' At first I igorned it but then it came again but this time it said 'look behind you.' I did and saw a man walking behind us who kinda looked like Santa Claus  I turned to Elder Pedersen who had already seen him so we walked faster. He does too. We decide to go left; He turns left and cuts right in front of us and hands us some cards. We try to talk to him but all he wanted to do was yell at us so we told him to have a nice day and we would pray for him. It was very interesting to be stalked by Santa Claus.

  Pedersen got a transfer call today. So we will go Memphis I will bring my camera this time. Peace  be with y'all.
I was born in the gospel, molded by it, and I know it to be true, and I know God knows it too.

Monday, November 11, 2013

: Blytheville, And Ice cream

Hi ther' from YE ole Piggott.
Where to begin, man what a week. Well we will start with exchanges
    I had the opportunity  to go to Blytheville, which was fun. I got to be the senior companion. Elder Bunderson has only been out for 4 weeks so that was interesting. I wish I had my camera with me. We met a sweet old lady with a "concert filled" ( it was hollow) baseball bat who cried when I told her I was only going stay for a day. Also Bunderson had nightmare that all his invesigators were dead, and he woke me and I thought it was to get up, so I got my knees and started to pray, and I realized  I a good 3 more hours before we had to wake up. =)

   Neil is doing okay but pray for him. Skippy and Dolores almost dropped us but we bore our testimonies and taught them the plan of happiness and they brought up baptism. They asked if they had to be rebaptized  and we explained it with the Ice cream truck story. I asked Skippy what would you do if the Ice cream guy handed you a ticket. He similed and said "I would use it to buy some Ice cream". x) They are working towards baptism in a couple weeks.
   The work here has been going great. We have been finding people like crazy and every one is willing to talk to us.
  Thank y'all for the love and support. We have had an awesome week. Thank y'all so much.
pic1 me and a Thunderbird
pic 2 me and a horse

Monday, November 4, 2013

Elder Duron's Christmas List

This is from a handwritten  letter From Elder Duron responding to several requests for a Christmas list from him.  Here are the things he needs/ wants The most, Especially for Christmas and/or his birthday December 29. But I'm sure he'd enjoy any of these things anytime.

     - music, That follows the following guidelines:
              Invites the spirit, helps you focus on the work, directs thoughts and feelings to the Savior.  
              Nothing that Pulls your thoughts away from the work. No romantic lyrics and nothing that 
              kills the spirit.

    -Gift cards to any fast food restaurant
    - SNACKS!!!
    -Simple recipes for homemade stuff
    -Duct tape, it's hard to come by down here.
    -a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time
    -Pictures, photos or hand-drawn does not matter.
    -And anything else someone would like to give would be great. 

It's the hash slinging slasher and we get our door knocked

Thank y'alls for the prayer and packages. They were sorely needed.   We had a good week. We talked to an ex preacher who agreed with everything.  It's just that he believes a hundred percent in the Trinity and was trying to so badly to prove it to us I felt sorry for him. We testified of the Book of Mormon and told him that it can answer those questions.    Halloween was fun.We rode our bikes so people would not mistake us for trick or treaters and luckly no one egged our house so we were happy! We also had dinner at a part member family where the husband is a dry Mormon- had dirty rice and fried green beans.   We also had a Jehovah's wittness knock on our door Friday morning, which was fun. He was super surprised  to see me answer the door O-O. We tried to offer him a Book of Mormon but he said he already had one. He also asked if we trick-or-treated as kids and we said yes, but we don't do evil stuff, but he just handed us a paper and ran away.   Elder Pedersen and I have been doing well and the area is coming along because we are working crazy ladies! okay see yall later
(Note -Ryan says the librarians in Piggott are very strict about keepingComputer usage to one hour, which is probably the source of the "crazy ladies" comment.)