Monday, July 28, 2014

What Have You Learned?

Man,  if I wrote a book it would be called  So They Called You on a Mission; Are You Ready? The thing is, looking back I don't know if I was fully ready then. But if I did not go then I would never have learned what Life, the Gospel, or God was all about.

     Speaking of that it brings me to my topic:  What have you learned? Elder Williams and I both had lunch with president Wakalo. During the lunch president Wakalo asked "what have you learned?"

     I thought about that  with my mission. When I end it,  or see the stake president and he asks me what I learned, what would I say or tell him? What I have learned out here is that God is a real and loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to be happy, that's why he gives us our bodies, earth, chocolate, the Gospel, Prophets, and his Son Jesus Christ. This is the Way that they talk about all the time in the scriptures. It has been brought back again and I know that is true because I can feel it and millions of others have, are, and will!

    I also thought about the end when we see God again. How he might ask the the same thing- What have you learned." It might be a long answer, but it would  basically be about what happiness really is and who you are. That would be a legit day.

      Well,  Elder Williams is getting transfered. So y'all will find out the new guy here is next time. In the same E-mail, same state, same Faith.
oh, and we met a guy who talks like motor mouth- more next time.

    I'm standing next to brother Bill, a 30 year investigator who got baptized by a member in his branch a few weeks ago!

Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boiling heat with full hearted Diligence and a side of Hulk Smash.

   Hey whats going on? Anything new?

 This week was full of this and that. Where do I start?
   I guess with the Hulk smash! We came home one night and there was a HUGE grasshopper in the house. We ran all over the place trying to hunt it down. It became such a problem that I grabbed a water bottle, saw Jiminy  Cricket  on the wall and BAM! I let him have it... and the wall got it too. That is why I went to Ace and got the stuff to fix the hole I made.

    This week it was 80 degrees with 100 % humidity, so it was more like 110. But that can't stop the Lords work, so we hit the pavement hard. When it says serving the Lord with all your heart, might , mind, and strength will bring salvation ( happiness) to your soul, it is not a lie.
   Pray for Becky and Dakota they are a sweet family of grandma and grandson that plan to be baptized this Saturday.

  Work! That is how you get the blessings is by work. You can't teach if you don't go out. You can't have fun and crazy things happen if you sit around, and you cannot see the Lord's hand if  you don't go about his or the Father's  business. This is our father's WORK and glory; we must not sleep though this.

 Elder (Ryan E) Duron

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fijians, the 4th July, and the Spirit. Coincidence? I think not!

    Whats up? y'all doing well? Things over here have been pretty good. I think I will start off with the Fijians.

   We had a Zone meeting on the 4th of July where President Wakalo spoke to us. It turns out that he brought  his wife and two kids with him from Fiji. He is different from President Petersen, but there are lots of things I can learn from him too. 

     The rest of the day we tried to visit a lot of people while the fire works went off like crazy. We saw Bro Bill and he made some legit chicken and burgers. We have been looking to get him a home teacher. Then we saw good old Tim, a newly baptized member who is one of the coolest guys ever. He is having a hard time adjusting from a black Baptist church to the branch here. We left him with encouragement and some  scriptures to read.

  We also found a person we have been trying to find forever. We went to their apartment complex and we prayed that we could find her and first door we knocked she opened the door. We were able to get her to come to church and will see her on friday.  

 The Spirit is the tool for missionary work. It allows us to follow God's will and know what he wants us to do.

Elder (Ryan) Duron