Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey, it's another day in the Good Ole South. Man, time needs to stop. This is going by way to fast. It feels like I just got here and now we are almost done with the transfer. I think I might stay this one, but don't know for sure.

  Well this week I will compare it to Ether 3. actually I will compare the whole transfer to Ether 3. We have been looking for ways to spark the work here. Brain storm after brain storm, the four of us have been thinking and thinking until we just can't think anymore. Then I thought: what are we missing? Prayer. I thought  about that for a sec and two spictures popped into my head. D&C 6:36 and 3rd Nephi18:19-20.

  "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."  and 3 nephi18:19-20 "Therefore ye must always pray unto the Father in my name; And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you." we needed to ask God  have faith that he would answer.

  As we have done that, many awesome things have happened. Less active members are coming to church, and we are getting referrals left and right, new Investigators wanting to know the truth. I know that prayer is not just where we ask for things. It's our time to talk to our Heavenly Dad. He wants to hear from us. He does not need prayers; we need to talk with him. That is why he always says ask and ye shall  recieve.

Love y'all.  I need to take pictures to send some.
From Elder Duron.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Subject: Jehospaht!!! New stake+ L Tom Perry

Whats up? I need to find my camera. I got some stuff to send yall. We had a good week. We learned a lot of great stuff.

   So yall have already found out who the new president will be. His name is Wakalo, he is from Fiji and from what I hear he is a serious stud.

  L Tom Perry is coming to Memphis to speak to the all the stakes in the mission about guess what... member missionary work. I cant wait.

  Oh yeah and we have a new stake in the mission. We now have five stakes so far. I  can't wait for what is to come this year!

love elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, January 13, 2014

Skight down the Skreet

Yolo mi familia! How are y'all doing??

Man Trenton is doing awesome-  we had a week awesomeness and ridiculousness.
   First let me tell y'all about the Trenton area. We live in a town called Humboldt where elders have served for a long time. A lot of the people know and like the missionaries, but are content and are using thier angency to not listen. But the Lord's work can't be stopped.
   The people speak  Ebonics down here. Like for example they switch words that start with st with sk. for instance skight down the skreet, I is skrong, and It won't skart up, and I have learned to love it.

  We have been working to see a woman named Keosha for the past two weeks. We finally had the opportunity to sit down with her and her two nieces. We had one of the most memorable lesson ones I have ever thaught... man the spirit was so strong. We were able to set dates with all three of them two for the 25th of this month and the other for the 1st of February. This week was an Ether 12 week for sure. I can testify to y'all that miracles still happen, and happen only after the trails of our faith.

    We also found a guy named Johnny Wise he is interesting. He is a member of the Church of Christ. we tried to teach a lesson one but he was hung up about how the Bible is the one way back, and how anyone can be a prophet. We left him a book of mormon and he said he would like to meet again this friday. He said he was going to bring a friend who knows more about the Bible then he does... translation- a preacher. But we'll go and do what ever the spirit  directs us to do.
  Love y'all
Elder (Ryan) Duron

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A new year in Tennessee

Whats sup! long time no see! man transfers were kra-crazy. so Elder Bluth is training we found that out at the transfer meeting ha!  I am follow up training Elder Petersen yup he has the same name has the president!   what is follow up training you may ask its when a missionary of 12 weeks gets a new companion who makes sure he knows whats what. my new area is a little branch called Trenton in good old Tennesse. 

Elder Petersen is a good kid from Utah who knows his stuff. I feel like we are going to do great here.   There is us and another set of Elders here. all four of us live in a town called Humboldt. its kind of a ghetto and I know that this is where The Lord needs me! Man I missed Paragould at first and I still kind of do . When I got the transfer call I did not want to leave. I thought why is this happing? why am I leaving?  I asked God why was I being transferred I felt scared and angry. Then I got an answer that said READ JOSHUA. I thought Joshua ok don't know why but I will do it. So I went to Joshua chapter one and strated reading.   In there it was talking about Joshua and how he was called to be prophet after Moses. and I came across verse 9 that said "have I not called thee? be strong and of good courage for I am with thee wherever you go"

 That got me thinking that God has called me to serve and to go about His work and I should always have the come what may and love it attitude. Because He's got my back and He will not let me down as long as I trust in him.   So the four of us r thinking of ways we can spark the work here in the Trenton branch. I feel like the answer is dancing right in front of us but we can't seem to pin it down! the members are very interesteading but they are very strong in the faith  well I will see if I can put a pic in here some how. sorry dumb computer wont let me put pics in here. Dang it bobby! Y'alls have a great day.Yours from the south/Bible Belt Elder (Ryan) Duron