Monday, April 28, 2014

A Twister of a Week.

The past week has been exhausting  but good.  So that's crazy, no moving? well I guess Chandler will just have to wait.

   Well the cats out of da bag about the tornadoes. That is going on in the Arkansas side of the mission, so we r fine so far. The plan for a Tornado is to find a safe place, kneel down, and kiss the  ground good bye. JK. But I did serve in the area where the tornado hit in Cabot.

    The work has been good.  We met a man from Jerusalem. He told us of when he was a kid and he and his friends would play in the garden and the tomb of where Christ was buried. We also have been talking to some of the most honest people I have ever met.

   Life gets hard. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is easy. If we just stick to it and feel it, be real because this Gospel is real, then we will be able to make it through. I love psalms 23. One because it is legit, two because it talks about how we should trust in Christ; he is always there. I know this is simple- we sometimes make it a lot harder then it should be. If  we press forward with faith we can do it.

   So what letter r yall talking about? it will proably come today. That's right, Haley happy 16 years. That's  so weird.
from your son, brother, and missionary,

Elder (Ryan) Duron 

Letter From The Mission President

          Due to deadly weather in the mission last night, this may be the only letter we receive. Please pray for the people in Little Rock and the other areas affected.

Subject: Our missionaries are safe
Dear Parents, We want you to know that all missionaries serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission are safe and accounted for.  They have been asked to stay in their apartments today so you may not receive and e-mail from your missionary this week.  Some of our communities have sustained considerable damage so many of our missionaries will be involved in on going service to help those in need.  Thank you for your prayers and faith.  Sincerely, President Steven M. Petersen

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A very short letter

 Hey how r things? Some of the coolest stuff has been happening. Found some new people and taught some great lessons.

   I am going to make this short because I am tired. Ahhh we found a 14 year old boy named Lake who is pretty cool. He called the church asking for a moive so we went and taught the first lesson and he has a date for the 3rd of May. The branch is getting so much better.

   Thanks for your letters and packages. I don't think that I'm boasting when I say I have the best family and friends a missionary could have. Thanks for all your suppport!!! I know this work is True.
 Love Elder Duron

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference and Miracles

Hey how's it going? Conference was legit! It blew me away! 

  This week we walked and walked and talked. We found some really good people.  Among these are Jimmy and Lauren. We set an appointment for Friday. We had a lot of stuff fall through on us that day, so we went off to see Jimmy and Lauren.  On the way I had a prayer in my heart that they would be home. When we turned the  corner, there was  Lauren's car broken down right in front of us. We pushed it back to her house where we had a great lesson,  and they have a date for baptism on the 26th of this month. I know God hears our prayers even if it seems like he doesn't at first. 

  Here are some people for y'all  to pray for: Leonard, Anthony, Jimmy, Lauren and Eber.

Eber was a miracle as well. One day we felt inspired to go check out a small town in our area called Medina (ma-dinea). We could not find anyone that day, so we were walking back to the car when this guy pulls up and says do you guys need a ride? We asked if he would like to hear a message about Jesus Christ. It turns out that he is from California  and he was talking to missionaries over there before he moved. He gladly let us come back and talk to him and his family.

    Things have gotten better and I have learned a lot of lessons out here, both for  physical  and spiritual stuff. It has got me thinking of who I want to be. I don't mean a cowboy or a solider or a Jedi. I mean who I want to be as a person. I want to become better each day and that only can be done through the Atonement of Christ -aka His Grace. 

   Love y'all
 Elder (Ryan) Duron