Friday, November 21, 2014

# Prepared

This last week is brought to you the word prepared. One, with yall sending me some gloves and hat right before the weather  went from 70 to 30 in a days time. All the meanings of this word can be used with this last week.

   It starts  with CH. We found him a couple weeks ago and he loves the message. He is open to all of it, and told us he is willing to follow Jesus, saying I have my answer I just need to do it. It's also funny because said he kind of faked though our frist meeting when we found him, but thought that maybe this is the change and truth he has been looking for his whole life. He has a date for the 20 of Dec to be baptized.

    AR we found in the area book as a investigator of the sisters. she is refferal form a young member student here in Beebe ASU. The member is her roommate and is a convert of two years. Because of her roommate's example AR has become super interested in the church. The sisters taught her for a bit before this place was closed down, so we were starting again learning that AR has read the Bom... all of it and is rereading, plus she knows its true. We are meeting with her agian.

    Then we met HN. She moved here from Utah about 6 years ago, and loves the church but has some questions. We asked her about some of these questions ( which she said missionaries and members could not answer) but from the Holy Ghost we answered them. She was happy and said we could come back. We also metioned baptism and she said was ok with it, we will see.

  Beebe is a sweet place. it is bigger than most places I have served. To give you a layout its about a hour from little Rock and 30 mins from Cabot, my first area. The thing I love most about this area is that it's growing. Not too many small towns in Arkansas are growing the way Beebe is. The members here are awesome and are willing to help.

Love elder (Ryan) Duron