Monday, December 29, 2014

20 and still kicking

Hey guys,

Another birthday and it's a Pday. Is it by chance? I don't think so. Anyways, it was good to see y'all again. This week  the work was slow. We found out a lot this week: that the Spirit can grow as much as your body does, people don't care how much you know till they know how much you care, Chilli's is closed on Christmas Day, foosball tables are super heavy, and saying "fixing to" and "y'all" is so much more better than "going to" and "you guys."

   We spent Christmas with our zone leaders going to member's places, checking on investigaters etc etc etc. This is where we found that the use of  southern words in our day-to-day talk is better then the stuff we grew up with. Like for example, "am fixing to go" sounds much more fufilling than "am going to." We also tried to eat some Chili's but found that they were closed to our disappointment. Dang. Then we helped a member carry a foosball table upstairs. Man, those are heavy!

  I Learned that my spiritual being can grow just like my body does. I have seen that I am more in tune with feeling the spirit more than before. Things that bugged me and made sad have lessend a lot. Answers to questions come easier, and even quiet is more comforting, which is wierd but I know that's a change that this gospel brings, which is sweet. 

  We helped move H.N. She fell off for a while but when we came help she opened up and told us how she thinks the world of us and loves us for helping her in more ways than one. She told how she is telling everyone about us, which is a good thing for her. That just shows when you do more than is required you earn trust.
love Elder (Ryan) Duron!

Friday, November 21, 2014

# Prepared

This last week is brought to you the word prepared. One, with yall sending me some gloves and hat right before the weather  went from 70 to 30 in a days time. All the meanings of this word can be used with this last week.

   It starts  with CH. We found him a couple weeks ago and he loves the message. He is open to all of it, and told us he is willing to follow Jesus, saying I have my answer I just need to do it. It's also funny because said he kind of faked though our frist meeting when we found him, but thought that maybe this is the change and truth he has been looking for his whole life. He has a date for the 20 of Dec to be baptized.

    AR we found in the area book as a investigator of the sisters. she is refferal form a young member student here in Beebe ASU. The member is her roommate and is a convert of two years. Because of her roommate's example AR has become super interested in the church. The sisters taught her for a bit before this place was closed down, so we were starting again learning that AR has read the Bom... all of it and is rereading, plus she knows its true. We are meeting with her agian.

    Then we met HN. She moved here from Utah about 6 years ago, and loves the church but has some questions. We asked her about some of these questions ( which she said missionaries and members could not answer) but from the Holy Ghost we answered them. She was happy and said we could come back. We also metioned baptism and she said was ok with it, we will see.

  Beebe is a sweet place. it is bigger than most places I have served. To give you a layout its about a hour from little Rock and 30 mins from Cabot, my first area. The thing I love most about this area is that it's growing. Not too many small towns in Arkansas are growing the way Beebe is. The members here are awesome and are willing to help.

Love elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, October 20, 2014

Read and Pray

That has been the theme of this week. Read the Book of Mormon and pray, to ask God if these things are true. Seems simple and yet so many people fail do it.

   Like C., we have been working with him for a while. We saw him a few days ago and asked him if had put our message to the test. He asked us a lot of questions, like who are some famous Mormons, What about smoking and drinking. When we asked him again he said " I am afraid to ask because I know I will get an answer and I will need to change." We testifed that change is good and that if this is true then this change will be from God.

  The other is Mrs M. she is still telling us that the Book of mormon is too much reading, but she is starting understand as she prays about it. She is an awesome Lady who needs to just keep at it to understand  it.

   Then  there is Mrs B, an awesome lady who is open to the spirit and is willing to pray and read. she is the lady I talked about last week who wanted the blessing. She is gaining answers as she keeps putting it to the test.  And it is the TEST! Read, look through it. Search for the truth, relate it to the things you know and see if does not give more truth. Then go to the ONE who has all answers.

  I got a transfer call from my zone leader ( Sis Knight's grandson) I have to get on the midnight train to Little Rock on wednesday, after I put on my name tag and say a little pray for Yall.***
Love, Elder Duron

  P.S. we do behave. Thats just what Bro Bill says. I will send I pic of him soon.

*** This is a reference to Elder Jackson, the grandson of Gladys Knight of Pips fame. Pretty sure Elder Duron does not know that one of the songs he's referencing was actually song sung by Dion Warwick ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014


*The title of this post probably refers to Elder Duron crashing on his bike, but he doesn't mention it in his letter*

   This Week has had it is share of ups and downs. To sum it up it would be to put it into pharses like this " You Behave and be a good Missionary" - bro Bill, "The power of the holy Ghost will tell you the Truth of all things- Moroni ", "I have been waiting for this my whole life!- Eric " and "Clowns can't die "- Kid

    Lets Start with "You behave"  Brother Bill is a recent convert who stiudied the Chruch for 30 years and got baptized 3 months ago. He is a funny guy. He calls me brother Elder Dainels. Keep him in yalls prayers

   Then Comes  the  promise from Moroni which I have seen proven true again and again.We have a few people we are teaching that have said "I know its true,

and you can feel the honesty from it." The book of Mormon is so true, trying to say it's false is like saying the sun is blue.

   Speaking of the Holy Ghost, it led someone to us. His name Eric. He has been coming to church for the past three weeks and got baptized on Saturday. He is an Engilsh professor at one of the colleges here and an ex-teacher at a Methodist church. He says he was not getting fed at any of those churches   until he came here and feels full.

   I know that living a happy life starts with your thoughts. I have been focusing on how to keep good
thoughts and how use the Gospel to do that. I will send a letter about that.

   The last phrase came from a boy who I asked " what should I do for a job when I get back home"? he said a space man or a clown because clowns don't die.

Love y'all
Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, September 1, 2014

No Capes!!! Or black ties...

 If I could think of how to sum up this week it would be, No Black Ties! or I Gotta Rock. Which pretty much means it was a hard but funny week.
  This past week we have been hitting the pavement trying to find new people and get people to come to church. One of the funny things that happend was on Wednesday. We were driving and we saw Bro Bill. We pulled over and started talking with him when this guy walks over and says "Yall missionaires?" I said yeah. He then handed me a rock and said " here is an Arkansas rock." and walked away. As we ended our talk with bro Bill and drove off, we thought that he had just given us a ju ju Voodu rock... so we threw it away.
   We came to find out later that he is a member who has been less active for years and wants to learn what church believes again. Good thing he has not asked what we did to the rock...

   We have found out why people may not be talking with us in black ties. Turns out whites shirts and ties + name tag means you're a mormon. White shirt + black tie means  you are from another relgion that goes door to door. So no more black ties I guess.
  All in all fun week.  Keep these people in y'all's prayers- Steve and Anggie, Monica, Tim Gray, Bro Bill, and the Lamberts the last is a member family in the branch who the wife just passed away last night. I will keep praying  for y'all if you keep praying for these peeps-deal? just Joshing I will always pray for y'all

 Form  Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, August 25, 2014

And it came to pass...

Man this week was another missionary week. We both got sick, it was 10000 dregess and I think it was national don't answer the door day. That's fine though. We had some legit lessons and learned some things.

    We got to teach Steve and Angie,  a 60 year old man and his 30 year old daughter. Steve had a dream that we would knock on their door and leave a prayer with them. About a week ago that dream came true,and they have been awesome. they ask all the right questions and they have a date for 13 of September. Remember them in your prayers.

    We have a general  authority coming in September. Elder Zwick, the 70 that give the "what are you thinking" talk is coming to check our mission out. We can't wait for it.

   I have been reading in Ether, and man for being a small book it is legit. It has me helped keep hope and stay strong this hard week. I loved the part where the Lord promises " signs shall follow those that believe." I have seen that hand of God prepare and lead us though rain and heat. I love how small thing sometimes are the things that matter most in the gospel

Love y'all. Stay rested but not arrested...that would not be a fun Email.
from Elder (Ryan) Duron

Me and my comp Elder Brekenridge on P-day

Monday, August 18, 2014

Same as it ever was…NOT!

This week has been a missionary week. Translation: full of hard work. we walked, talked, biked, drove, and.... Then we did it again. 

   We have been working on using and working with the members. So, know how to make a missionary's day? Say you have some one you want them to talk too. If they are good missionaries they will always crack a smile.

   I have learned that charity never fails. How did I? From Mormon, in the final days of the Nephites. He wrote that while his people were on the road to death; he says he loses his faith in them (Mormon 3:12), Then he has hope for them! (Mormon5:1-2). As I saw this I waited for him to lose his charity for them. But it never happens, Although they are some of the grossest of sinners who murdered, swore against God, and ate babies,  yet Mormon loved his people so much that he lead them to the bitter end. He did not care what happened to him, he even called them fair! 

      We all need this charity. How could we ever think things would or could change without this Chirstlike love? We need to put our friends, family, and those around us first in order for that rock cut without hands to roll forth, not only on the earth but in us .

 I have some names Y'all can pray for: LA, (a.k.a. Kirk) Sarah, and Jackie.

Love Elder (Ryan) Duron

    PS we have a new finding Idea and if it works I will wirte about it next time. But This I can tell you-his name is Tim Gray

PSS I need some socks....could they be nikes?

PSSSS  Tamales

Monday, July 28, 2014

What Have You Learned?

Man,  if I wrote a book it would be called  So They Called You on a Mission; Are You Ready? The thing is, looking back I don't know if I was fully ready then. But if I did not go then I would never have learned what Life, the Gospel, or God was all about.

     Speaking of that it brings me to my topic:  What have you learned? Elder Williams and I both had lunch with president Wakalo. During the lunch president Wakalo asked "what have you learned?"

     I thought about that  with my mission. When I end it,  or see the stake president and he asks me what I learned, what would I say or tell him? What I have learned out here is that God is a real and loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to be happy, that's why he gives us our bodies, earth, chocolate, the Gospel, Prophets, and his Son Jesus Christ. This is the Way that they talk about all the time in the scriptures. It has been brought back again and I know that is true because I can feel it and millions of others have, are, and will!

    I also thought about the end when we see God again. How he might ask the the same thing- What have you learned." It might be a long answer, but it would  basically be about what happiness really is and who you are. That would be a legit day.

      Well,  Elder Williams is getting transfered. So y'all will find out the new guy here is next time. In the same E-mail, same state, same Faith.
oh, and we met a guy who talks like motor mouth- more next time.

    I'm standing next to brother Bill, a 30 year investigator who got baptized by a member in his branch a few weeks ago!

Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boiling heat with full hearted Diligence and a side of Hulk Smash.

   Hey whats going on? Anything new?

 This week was full of this and that. Where do I start?
   I guess with the Hulk smash! We came home one night and there was a HUGE grasshopper in the house. We ran all over the place trying to hunt it down. It became such a problem that I grabbed a water bottle, saw Jiminy  Cricket  on the wall and BAM! I let him have it... and the wall got it too. That is why I went to Ace and got the stuff to fix the hole I made.

    This week it was 80 degrees with 100 % humidity, so it was more like 110. But that can't stop the Lords work, so we hit the pavement hard. When it says serving the Lord with all your heart, might , mind, and strength will bring salvation ( happiness) to your soul, it is not a lie.
   Pray for Becky and Dakota they are a sweet family of grandma and grandson that plan to be baptized this Saturday.

  Work! That is how you get the blessings is by work. You can't teach if you don't go out. You can't have fun and crazy things happen if you sit around, and you cannot see the Lord's hand if  you don't go about his or the Father's  business. This is our father's WORK and glory; we must not sleep though this.

 Elder (Ryan E) Duron

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fijians, the 4th July, and the Spirit. Coincidence? I think not!

    Whats up? y'all doing well? Things over here have been pretty good. I think I will start off with the Fijians.

   We had a Zone meeting on the 4th of July where President Wakalo spoke to us. It turns out that he brought  his wife and two kids with him from Fiji. He is different from President Petersen, but there are lots of things I can learn from him too. 

     The rest of the day we tried to visit a lot of people while the fire works went off like crazy. We saw Bro Bill and he made some legit chicken and burgers. We have been looking to get him a home teacher. Then we saw good old Tim, a newly baptized member who is one of the coolest guys ever. He is having a hard time adjusting from a black Baptist church to the branch here. We left him with encouragement and some  scriptures to read.

  We also found a person we have been trying to find forever. We went to their apartment complex and we prayed that we could find her and first door we knocked she opened the door. We were able to get her to come to church and will see her on friday.  

 The Spirit is the tool for missionary work. It allows us to follow God's will and know what he wants us to do.

Elder (Ryan) Duron 

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey whats up!

Yep the name of my new area is Arkadelphia. No joke. It's a sweeet place, small college town in the woods. And yeah, its a branch but we can taste a ward pretty soon.

We have a house which is pretty sweet- full of bugs man. We have sprayed it down and plugged all the holes, so the count has gone down.

 My companion is Elder Williams he is cool.

 Pray for Bro Bill. He is a 70 year old black guy, who has been investigaing for 30 years and he has a date for Saturday. I will leave you with a quote from him:

  "Brother Elder Duron, be have!"  Bro Bill

Transferred- in and out in 6 Months

What's up? I got a call from my good friend Elder Udall telling me that I am being Transfered on Wednesday. Let me tell it stinks and is good all at the same time. I am ready for what comes because I know where I stand and who I stand with.

   The last 6  months of my mission have really been a turning point here. Life gets crazy but we got to hold on and stay to things that we know are true, and that is that Jesus is my savior, Joseph smith is his prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day sanits is his full gospel and church again on the earth.
   Wakalo (New mission president) comes in on the 23rd and think it will be bitter sweet.      Shirt size is 17 1/2 .

From Elder Ryan Duron

Monday, June 9, 2014

the gift of faith, of miracles, and of laughter.

This past week should be called "Random Stuff Happens and Things Still Work Out Awareness Week." Between tornadoes touching down in the branch and almost having my bike stolen, miracles of the gospel of Jesus Christ never stop.

    After two months of working with an investigator, T-----, and trying to get her to come to church, we went with brother Hardin ( one of the coolest Southern members in the world) to invite her to church for the 100th time. Before we went in I prayed to my Heavenly Father that if she felt that this was true, then help her overcome her fear of no friends and being alone. The three of us went in and promised her that the spirit would be there at church and confirm the truth of this. She still was a bit afraid until her son came in and asked whats up. We said we are just seeing if your mom would come to church, but she does not want to go alone.  Her son turned to her and said "I will go with you." Then T-----, her son and her daughter went to church. I know God answers prayers, even in super small ways, he answers them.

    God has a way of keeping us awake and alert and reminding us who we are and why he gives us this gospel. A lot of crazy things have happened, like a 10 year old kid took my bike. We were riding around the  bad part of town when we were flagged down by some kids who asked if we could fix bikes. As I was helping them I turned my back on my bike, and  one of them hopped on and took off. I turned to elder Oblad, who was holding on to his bike with a kid in the seat trying to make off with it. Don't worry, we kept both of our bikes.

                        Trenton Branch Missionaries

   Plus a  tornado touched down in Milan, a town in the Trenton branch. No harm was done exept to some crops and a trailer was turned up side down.

  We have to trust in God and remember his ways are for sure not our ways. Read the book of mormon in 30 days-it's legit.

                   Love, Elder Duron  


Monday, May 5, 2014

Last of the Humboldt four!

This week man... this email is brought to y'all by word Muslim, the of game Pool, and the Restoration. But before we jump into that first things first. My good friend Elder Wells is being transferred so I am the last elder of the original humboldt four. That's right I have six more weeks here in Trenton which will equal a total of six months here.

   Sorry Mom. We are at the north east tip of the mission on the other side of the Mississippi (Response to whether or not his mom would see him cleaning up after the tornado in the many pictures that were going around). That is awesome that you are helping out those people in the Searcy Stake. Come to think of it I spent the first half of my mission in that stake...weird how fast the time goes.

    So this week started off with us walking the streets around 1030 am and getting thirsty. So we stopped into a gas station and met a man with a name that  I have no I idea how to spell or say. he offered me 10 bucks if could but it was of no use. He then asked  us if we were from the CIA, FBI, NSa ,or MI5 we told him we were  Representatives of Jesus Christ. He told us he was a Muslim from Jerusalem  and asked what church we were from. We said the chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He then said "Mormons??? Then I have question for you". I said shoot. He said" how many wives can you have max?" It was fun and we got his phone number and plan on stopping by his place some time. 

  Then on Saturday we came out of an awesome lesson with a guy name Roland,  and as we went back to the car we saw a couple guys playing Pool and so we played with them. One was drinking pretty heavy that day, and challenged Elder Oblad to a one on one match where Elder Oblad beat the guy and we talked for a bit.

  Life is awesome if you use the gospel. It can be crazy but if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be prepared for whatever comes around. 

From Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Twister of a Week.

The past week has been exhausting  but good.  So that's crazy, no moving? well I guess Chandler will just have to wait.

   Well the cats out of da bag about the tornadoes. That is going on in the Arkansas side of the mission, so we r fine so far. The plan for a Tornado is to find a safe place, kneel down, and kiss the  ground good bye. JK. But I did serve in the area where the tornado hit in Cabot.

    The work has been good.  We met a man from Jerusalem. He told us of when he was a kid and he and his friends would play in the garden and the tomb of where Christ was buried. We also have been talking to some of the most honest people I have ever met.

   Life gets hard. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is easy. If we just stick to it and feel it, be real because this Gospel is real, then we will be able to make it through. I love psalms 23. One because it is legit, two because it talks about how we should trust in Christ; he is always there. I know this is simple- we sometimes make it a lot harder then it should be. If  we press forward with faith we can do it.

   So what letter r yall talking about? it will proably come today. That's right, Haley happy 16 years. That's  so weird.
from your son, brother, and missionary,

Elder (Ryan) Duron 

Letter From The Mission President

          Due to deadly weather in the mission last night, this may be the only letter we receive. Please pray for the people in Little Rock and the other areas affected.

Subject: Our missionaries are safe
Dear Parents, We want you to know that all missionaries serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission are safe and accounted for.  They have been asked to stay in their apartments today so you may not receive and e-mail from your missionary this week.  Some of our communities have sustained considerable damage so many of our missionaries will be involved in on going service to help those in need.  Thank you for your prayers and faith.  Sincerely, President Steven M. Petersen

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A very short letter

 Hey how r things? Some of the coolest stuff has been happening. Found some new people and taught some great lessons.

   I am going to make this short because I am tired. Ahhh we found a 14 year old boy named Lake who is pretty cool. He called the church asking for a moive so we went and taught the first lesson and he has a date for the 3rd of May. The branch is getting so much better.

   Thanks for your letters and packages. I don't think that I'm boasting when I say I have the best family and friends a missionary could have. Thanks for all your suppport!!! I know this work is True.
 Love Elder Duron

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference and Miracles

Hey how's it going? Conference was legit! It blew me away! 

  This week we walked and walked and talked. We found some really good people.  Among these are Jimmy and Lauren. We set an appointment for Friday. We had a lot of stuff fall through on us that day, so we went off to see Jimmy and Lauren.  On the way I had a prayer in my heart that they would be home. When we turned the  corner, there was  Lauren's car broken down right in front of us. We pushed it back to her house where we had a great lesson,  and they have a date for baptism on the 26th of this month. I know God hears our prayers even if it seems like he doesn't at first. 

  Here are some people for y'all  to pray for: Leonard, Anthony, Jimmy, Lauren and Eber.

Eber was a miracle as well. One day we felt inspired to go check out a small town in our area called Medina (ma-dinea). We could not find anyone that day, so we were walking back to the car when this guy pulls up and says do you guys need a ride? We asked if he would like to hear a message about Jesus Christ. It turns out that he is from California  and he was talking to missionaries over there before he moved. He gladly let us come back and talk to him and his family.

    Things have gotten better and I have learned a lot of lessons out here, both for  physical  and spiritual stuff. It has got me thinking of who I want to be. I don't mean a cowboy or a solider or a Jedi. I mean who I want to be as a person. I want to become better each day and that only can be done through the Atonement of Christ -aka His Grace. 

   Love y'all
 Elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, March 31, 2014

Round Three in Trenton....Fight!

 Hey, man time flies by. Sorry for the the short emails. I try my best to keep y'all informed.   We have been taking a page out of Ammon's book and serving the members. I fixed up some chicken coups- that was fun- and burned tons of wood. Oh, and I found out where Elder Ginn lives!!!( more about that next time). The branch president (Higby) has been coming out with us to see people and less actives to try to get the branch afloat. 

  It's been a fight for every inch here with the people we have been teaching. Had two of them come to church yesterday, and man they are legit! One is L*** and the other was A***. They both loved  it and the members invited L***** over for dinner, and we are going to see A*** a member's place tomorrow.

    We have been working with a Baptist preacher named Daniel. He is a pretty cool guy. We gave him a Pamphlet about the  Restoration and went back to see him. The morning of I prayed that we would be able to talk, answer, and overcome any concern he might have. When we went to see him he frist tried to trip us up but we told the truth and used the spirit to guide us. Then we invited him to be baptized, and he said "well I have already done been baptized". we then used the Book of Mormon to answer his questions, and he brought out five bible's trying to bash with us but he could not since we used the Book of Mormon. I know if we are faithful and pray for help it will answered.  
Elder (Ryan) Duron

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do the chickens have large talons?

yo mi familia! 

quick note. We went to the temple; It was boss. Found some cool people and set a date with a guy named mark for the 19th. Transfers came and went and I am still here.
love y'all. 

 I know this is true and that God speaks to men again on earth because he is our loving father in heaven.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dead Dogs, Mean Dogs, and Lucky Dogs

HI! Man where to start- This week has been good. The word I would use to describe it is dogs. So many dogs and a lesson on charity.
   Where to start... How about zone conference? We will start there. There is where we learned that our goal was  changed. at first it was 636 baptisms for the year, and we all felt like we could easily hit that goal. L Tom Perry sent Elder Meredith to the mission to talk about the goal and there they changed it. The goal this year for the Arkansas Little Mission is 800.  I know that if we look ahead and believe  we can make it.

 So I got chased by a huge pit bull the other day-that was fun. A guy named Jay  referred us to a house that "could use a message about Jesus" and we went to go try. We walked up right up to the porch where said Pit appeared and charged us. We took off and luckliy it was on a  leash or I wouldn't be writing this Email.

   Then we stopped by Clyde's place. We have been teaching Cylde for a while. When we saw him he was pretty... lets just say he was out of it. and gave us a bag full of stale donuts, so we went to throw it away and found a dead Dog in the can=( .

  Also I have been strengthened by this week by rereading the Book of Mormon but this time I am doing it in 30 days! and I found a lot of new stuff. I know that this is not about me, it's not about self it's about all of us.  All of God's family needs to  receive his gospel.

   love yallElder (Ryan) Duron 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lost and Found

How's it going? It's been another fun week in the ALRM. Full of kra-crazy stuff.
We found Q.....he was in a mental hospital in Memphis. He is out now and we have been trying to go see him but he is never home.

   Its been a week full of hard work and pressing forward. Sometimes it's easy to get discouarage and betempted  to not work and be disobedient, but if you press forward with a steadfast faith in Christ having a prefect brightness of hope,  then the blessings come.   The members have been an awesome help. They call us wanting to come teaching with us. They love the work and are happy to have two sets of elders.   We have had a lot   interesting  stuff happen this week. We went walking around Humboldt and came across a trailer park, where I got the feeling to let Elder Oblad choose what we do next. as we stood there a trailer right in front of give the impression that we should knock on it. While I waited for elder Oblad to chose, a boy came up to us and said "there's no one in those two houses." Then I said "can we share message with your family?" he said sure. and it turned out to be the trailler I had in mind.   I will send some pics next one. Plus can I get the talk from president Uchtdorf you can do it now! love Elder (Ryan) Duron   

Monday, February 24, 2014

Twister in Trenton


Yo how's it going? Man, it was a week of tornadoes, ghetto vs rich, bounty hunters, and spiritual apostrophes.

      The weather is gone crazy! snows one, day the next day its sunny,  then tornadoes and hail the next! Don't worry, we didn't have one touch down here but one did hit right in the middle of  Memphis. but man the area has been kind of bipolar.

    Trenton is super huge and the difference between the classes is so noticeable. One street is run down and  then you turn on the next street and its full of manisions and nice houses. and the people have been really nice here for the most part. Like for example we got a  referral for a man named Abe, but in the referral it said to  contact by tracting. So we go sure why not... well they forgot to put in there that it was in the middle of the woods in area full of houses that have their own lakes. So we got out and walked form one end to the other and found Abe, set a time to meet with him again, and used his bathroom, and went on our way. To tell yall the truth it could not have gone more perfectly than  it did. I give that one all to God.

     Oh yeah, Quinton had some problems! He forgot to take his meds and started talking about how he was going to go on a journey to find the Memphis temple. He went AWOL  and we have not be able to find him... So an investigator of the other Elders (Trenton2) named Rusty Flowers (who has a date for this Saturday) decided to help us out by hiring a bounty hunter to find Quinton! All I could think of was Boba Fett on a   Ghost Rider motorcycle runing over little woodland critters trying to catch Quinton in the marshlands of Tennesse.
Okay,  Uncle Sam can take my paintball  gun if he sends me a package with a letter in it telling me how his day has been... No Im just kidding. Take good care of her. And I would like Haley to send me some drawings of  scriptures I could hang up and use.

From  Elder(Ryan) Duron Duron

Monday, February 10, 2014

Elder Duron and the Memphis Temple of Transfers

   Hey hey hey another transfer call was made today! My good friend Elder Petersen is out and I am staying in Trenton. We will be in Memphis on Wednesday to get another comp.
     got Baptized on Saturday. it was a spiritual and funny day. We had two baptisms. Trenton2, aka the other Elders had one a young boy named Skyler, and Qdog. First skyler was baptized and everything was going well. Then  got in the water and things happened. Skyler before hand asked Elder Wells (who has been out for 6 weeks now) if he could go swimming after his baptism, Elder Wells not knowing the rules said he could. So as Quinton was being baptized guess who is making his way back into the font. Skyler.
   We stopped Skyler before it was to late then Q was baptized. And after he came out of the water he turned to Elder Petersen and said "Did I do it right?" Petersen said " Yeah you did buddy!" Then  Q shouted "YES!!!!!!" and started jumping up and down hitting the walls of the font on the way to the restroom.
  I am glad that I am able to not only see the love of God and the joy the Gospel brings, but to feel it in my life as well. I know of God's love and of the blessings of the Atonement. Dad, in a letter you sent me you said the south is changing me. I disagree. Its the Atonement that is changing   me daily. Helping me move forward and improve myself each day. 
  Sometimes out here you have days where everything falls through and people drop you. Its like anything that could wrong does and the way before you is full of hurtles that you have to jump through. And other days it seems as if the windows of Heaven are wide open and God is smiling a upon you. I take comfort and Joy that Christ and his atonement are always there for both days and then some. A  scripture that I have come to love is Revelation 21:7  I will tell yall about that in a letter sometime soon.   
Love Elmer... sorry Elder (Ryan) Duron

and yes I got the packages. Thank you guys for the cookies and hearts and Bro Brown for the GPS, it was sorely needed.

Monday, February 3, 2014

That is the stupidest place for a clock I've ever seen- Elder Perry

Crazy! that's a good word for this week-crazy! we have had miracles and randomness happen all over the place.    The first crazy thing is a man named ........ who is super innocent and happy to see everyone. Missionaries have been working with him forever and we finally got him to come to church three weeks ago and he loved it!... so much that he went around the streets of Trenton with a Book of Mormon in hand, calling himself elder  ........ and telling people that if they were not Mormons they were going to hell. O_O lets just say we stopped him before some southern justice was handed out, and now he has a date to be baptized this satuarday. 

  We also found four new investigators Roy, veronica, Carl, and Clyde we had an awesome lesson. we invited them to be baptized and they asked why they should. We were about to turn to the bible to answer their questions, but I remembered what the leaders of the mission said ( don't use the bible! its not common ground; its battle ground)  and instead we turned to the book of Mormon for the answer. we went to mosiah 18:13 and talked about the authority to baptize and also 3rd Nephi11. and they understood it perfectly  and now they have a date for the 22nd of this month.  

  The culture here is a little different. A lot of the people here believe that God is black... and its always fun to see pictures of black Jesus in someone's living room. It takes a little bit to get used to.   

 L Tom Perry is a stud!!! he threw down here in Memphis. he spoke on how members and missionaries need to work together for the work of salvation to roll forward. Man it was powerful. at one point a man tapped him on and the shoulder and said he was going over. He yelled "where is the clock" He saw it hiding in the  corner behind him he then says " that is the stupidest place for a clock I have ever seen!" he turns back to the crowd and says " the time is running out if you cant see the clock look at your watches! now is the time to act!"    

  They also had a Q&A during the broadcast for L Tom Perry, elders Soreas, Kapishka, president Petersen, and others. During which they brought up a lot of good questions. one was about "THE BOOK OF MORMON!" play that will be coming to Memphis this year and how we have members should respond. One person got up and said the church media has not said anything about this yet. Then L Tom Perry jumps up and says that this is the best thing that could happen, you couldn't wish for a better missionary tool. Then he went on to talk about the Book of Mormon and how it is the best book ever written and how we need to share it with everyone.    

Well Enough about me how are yall? how was uncle Sam's day+ plus his new mania. Did uncle  Mikola come? how is he doing? is Nana sending any fry bread? what kind of tests are you putting pepper through. and speaking of pepper. She is named after Pepper on Ironman. don't ask me why, that's just the name I came up with. OH yeah I need a GPS asap it will a lot out here! that and transfers are happening next week and I will need one just in case by next Wednesday. Love y'all's, have a good one

Elder Ryan Duron

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey, it's another day in the Good Ole South. Man, time needs to stop. This is going by way to fast. It feels like I just got here and now we are almost done with the transfer. I think I might stay this one, but don't know for sure.

  Well this week I will compare it to Ether 3. actually I will compare the whole transfer to Ether 3. We have been looking for ways to spark the work here. Brain storm after brain storm, the four of us have been thinking and thinking until we just can't think anymore. Then I thought: what are we missing? Prayer. I thought  about that for a sec and two spictures popped into my head. D&C 6:36 and 3rd Nephi18:19-20.

  "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."  and 3 nephi18:19-20 "Therefore ye must always pray unto the Father in my name; And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you." we needed to ask God  have faith that he would answer.

  As we have done that, many awesome things have happened. Less active members are coming to church, and we are getting referrals left and right, new Investigators wanting to know the truth. I know that prayer is not just where we ask for things. It's our time to talk to our Heavenly Dad. He wants to hear from us. He does not need prayers; we need to talk with him. That is why he always says ask and ye shall  recieve.

Love y'all.  I need to take pictures to send some.
From Elder Duron.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Subject: Jehospaht!!! New stake+ L Tom Perry

Whats up? I need to find my camera. I got some stuff to send yall. We had a good week. We learned a lot of great stuff.

   So yall have already found out who the new president will be. His name is Wakalo, he is from Fiji and from what I hear he is a serious stud.

  L Tom Perry is coming to Memphis to speak to the all the stakes in the mission about guess what... member missionary work. I cant wait.

  Oh yeah and we have a new stake in the mission. We now have five stakes so far. I  can't wait for what is to come this year!

love elder (Ryan) Duron

Monday, January 13, 2014

Skight down the Skreet

Yolo mi familia! How are y'all doing??

Man Trenton is doing awesome-  we had a week awesomeness and ridiculousness.
   First let me tell y'all about the Trenton area. We live in a town called Humboldt where elders have served for a long time. A lot of the people know and like the missionaries, but are content and are using thier angency to not listen. But the Lord's work can't be stopped.
   The people speak  Ebonics down here. Like for example they switch words that start with st with sk. for instance skight down the skreet, I is skrong, and It won't skart up, and I have learned to love it.

  We have been working to see a woman named Keosha for the past two weeks. We finally had the opportunity to sit down with her and her two nieces. We had one of the most memorable lesson ones I have ever thaught... man the spirit was so strong. We were able to set dates with all three of them two for the 25th of this month and the other for the 1st of February. This week was an Ether 12 week for sure. I can testify to y'all that miracles still happen, and happen only after the trails of our faith.

    We also found a guy named Johnny Wise he is interesting. He is a member of the Church of Christ. we tried to teach a lesson one but he was hung up about how the Bible is the one way back, and how anyone can be a prophet. We left him a book of mormon and he said he would like to meet again this friday. He said he was going to bring a friend who knows more about the Bible then he does... translation- a preacher. But we'll go and do what ever the spirit  directs us to do.
  Love y'all
Elder (Ryan) Duron

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A new year in Tennessee

Whats sup! long time no see! man transfers were kra-crazy. so Elder Bluth is training we found that out at the transfer meeting ha!  I am follow up training Elder Petersen yup he has the same name has the president!   what is follow up training you may ask its when a missionary of 12 weeks gets a new companion who makes sure he knows whats what. my new area is a little branch called Trenton in good old Tennesse. 

Elder Petersen is a good kid from Utah who knows his stuff. I feel like we are going to do great here.   There is us and another set of Elders here. all four of us live in a town called Humboldt. its kind of a ghetto and I know that this is where The Lord needs me! Man I missed Paragould at first and I still kind of do . When I got the transfer call I did not want to leave. I thought why is this happing? why am I leaving?  I asked God why was I being transferred I felt scared and angry. Then I got an answer that said READ JOSHUA. I thought Joshua ok don't know why but I will do it. So I went to Joshua chapter one and strated reading.   In there it was talking about Joshua and how he was called to be prophet after Moses. and I came across verse 9 that said "have I not called thee? be strong and of good courage for I am with thee wherever you go"

 That got me thinking that God has called me to serve and to go about His work and I should always have the come what may and love it attitude. Because He's got my back and He will not let me down as long as I trust in him.   So the four of us r thinking of ways we can spark the work here in the Trenton branch. I feel like the answer is dancing right in front of us but we can't seem to pin it down! the members are very interesteading but they are very strong in the faith  well I will see if I can put a pic in here some how. sorry dumb computer wont let me put pics in here. Dang it bobby! Y'alls have a great day.Yours from the south/Bible Belt Elder (Ryan) Duron