Monday, March 31, 2014

Round Three in Trenton....Fight!

 Hey, man time flies by. Sorry for the the short emails. I try my best to keep y'all informed.   We have been taking a page out of Ammon's book and serving the members. I fixed up some chicken coups- that was fun- and burned tons of wood. Oh, and I found out where Elder Ginn lives!!!( more about that next time). The branch president (Higby) has been coming out with us to see people and less actives to try to get the branch afloat. 

  It's been a fight for every inch here with the people we have been teaching. Had two of them come to church yesterday, and man they are legit! One is L*** and the other was A***. They both loved  it and the members invited L***** over for dinner, and we are going to see A*** a member's place tomorrow.

    We have been working with a Baptist preacher named Daniel. He is a pretty cool guy. We gave him a Pamphlet about the  Restoration and went back to see him. The morning of I prayed that we would be able to talk, answer, and overcome any concern he might have. When we went to see him he frist tried to trip us up but we told the truth and used the spirit to guide us. Then we invited him to be baptized, and he said "well I have already done been baptized". we then used the Book of Mormon to answer his questions, and he brought out five bible's trying to bash with us but he could not since we used the Book of Mormon. I know if we are faithful and pray for help it will answered.  
Elder (Ryan) Duron

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do the chickens have large talons?

yo mi familia! 

quick note. We went to the temple; It was boss. Found some cool people and set a date with a guy named mark for the 19th. Transfers came and went and I am still here.
love y'all. 

 I know this is true and that God speaks to men again on earth because he is our loving father in heaven.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dead Dogs, Mean Dogs, and Lucky Dogs

HI! Man where to start- This week has been good. The word I would use to describe it is dogs. So many dogs and a lesson on charity.
   Where to start... How about zone conference? We will start there. There is where we learned that our goal was  changed. at first it was 636 baptisms for the year, and we all felt like we could easily hit that goal. L Tom Perry sent Elder Meredith to the mission to talk about the goal and there they changed it. The goal this year for the Arkansas Little Mission is 800.  I know that if we look ahead and believe  we can make it.

 So I got chased by a huge pit bull the other day-that was fun. A guy named Jay  referred us to a house that "could use a message about Jesus" and we went to go try. We walked up right up to the porch where said Pit appeared and charged us. We took off and luckliy it was on a  leash or I wouldn't be writing this Email.

   Then we stopped by Clyde's place. We have been teaching Cylde for a while. When we saw him he was pretty... lets just say he was out of it. and gave us a bag full of stale donuts, so we went to throw it away and found a dead Dog in the can=( .

  Also I have been strengthened by this week by rereading the Book of Mormon but this time I am doing it in 30 days! and I found a lot of new stuff. I know that this is not about me, it's not about self it's about all of us.  All of God's family needs to  receive his gospel.

   love yallElder (Ryan) Duron 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lost and Found

How's it going? It's been another fun week in the ALRM. Full of kra-crazy stuff.
We found Q.....he was in a mental hospital in Memphis. He is out now and we have been trying to go see him but he is never home.

   Its been a week full of hard work and pressing forward. Sometimes it's easy to get discouarage and betempted  to not work and be disobedient, but if you press forward with a steadfast faith in Christ having a prefect brightness of hope,  then the blessings come.   The members have been an awesome help. They call us wanting to come teaching with us. They love the work and are happy to have two sets of elders.   We have had a lot   interesting  stuff happen this week. We went walking around Humboldt and came across a trailer park, where I got the feeling to let Elder Oblad choose what we do next. as we stood there a trailer right in front of give the impression that we should knock on it. While I waited for elder Oblad to chose, a boy came up to us and said "there's no one in those two houses." Then I said "can we share message with your family?" he said sure. and it turned out to be the trailler I had in mind.   I will send some pics next one. Plus can I get the talk from president Uchtdorf you can do it now! love Elder (Ryan) Duron