Monday, July 14, 2014

Boiling heat with full hearted Diligence and a side of Hulk Smash.

   Hey whats going on? Anything new?

 This week was full of this and that. Where do I start?
   I guess with the Hulk smash! We came home one night and there was a HUGE grasshopper in the house. We ran all over the place trying to hunt it down. It became such a problem that I grabbed a water bottle, saw Jiminy  Cricket  on the wall and BAM! I let him have it... and the wall got it too. That is why I went to Ace and got the stuff to fix the hole I made.

    This week it was 80 degrees with 100 % humidity, so it was more like 110. But that can't stop the Lords work, so we hit the pavement hard. When it says serving the Lord with all your heart, might , mind, and strength will bring salvation ( happiness) to your soul, it is not a lie.
   Pray for Becky and Dakota they are a sweet family of grandma and grandson that plan to be baptized this Saturday.

  Work! That is how you get the blessings is by work. You can't teach if you don't go out. You can't have fun and crazy things happen if you sit around, and you cannot see the Lord's hand if  you don't go about his or the Father's  business. This is our father's WORK and glory; we must not sleep though this.

 Elder (Ryan E) Duron

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