Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This year's theme is... change is very good

  Happy New Year!

 Ring out wild bells and 2014 die... On a happy note I have seentons of people this past week getting ready to make changesand leave the bad behind them.

  We have 4 soon to be 5 people with dates and theyare legit. First is L.G.  Pray for this guy. He has been investigating for 14 years and is willing to bebaptized but is afraid because does not know everything yet.We are trying to help him understand that's  where faith must come into play, because if we let the trust in god come into the picture fear should have no place there, which makes things easier. He has a date for the 24th.

   HN is awesome! She is really progressing and open to this message. Every Time we go over she calls us her favorite missionaires. We have been able to de-bunk alot of the questions she had that could not be answered in Utah. We have seen a real change in her; she is getting happier and is understanding everything in her own way, which is legit. She said last time we met with her" okay so it's not if I get baptized, it's when.."She has a date for the 31st.

   Saturday was awesome. We had members feed  us for all3 meals =P. We got to move a member in the morning and wegot a ride form the Johansens who said "you guys wantbreakfast?" So we got some  Mickey Dees for breakfast then wehelped get the member moved out. Then we got a ride back withan awesome member Bro Rowland who said "do yall likechinese?" so then we got lunch at the 2nd best Chineseplace on my mission. Later we went to see the Cranes, a niceolder member family who has given us a couple referrals that we wentto double check with them on. Right before we were about toleave they said "have you eaten yet?" So had we pizza. Tendermercies for poor missionaries.

   This is 2015. I go home this year... I love themission and what it has taught me. I have learned to lovelife and to be grateful for these things. I have learned toface things one step at a time head on. And also that the South isawesome, but the weather is not.

love Elder (Ryan) Duron

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