Monday, February 10, 2014

Elder Duron and the Memphis Temple of Transfers

   Hey hey hey another transfer call was made today! My good friend Elder Petersen is out and I am staying in Trenton. We will be in Memphis on Wednesday to get another comp.
     got Baptized on Saturday. it was a spiritual and funny day. We had two baptisms. Trenton2, aka the other Elders had one a young boy named Skyler, and Qdog. First skyler was baptized and everything was going well. Then  got in the water and things happened. Skyler before hand asked Elder Wells (who has been out for 6 weeks now) if he could go swimming after his baptism, Elder Wells not knowing the rules said he could. So as Quinton was being baptized guess who is making his way back into the font. Skyler.
   We stopped Skyler before it was to late then Q was baptized. And after he came out of the water he turned to Elder Petersen and said "Did I do it right?" Petersen said " Yeah you did buddy!" Then  Q shouted "YES!!!!!!" and started jumping up and down hitting the walls of the font on the way to the restroom.
  I am glad that I am able to not only see the love of God and the joy the Gospel brings, but to feel it in my life as well. I know of God's love and of the blessings of the Atonement. Dad, in a letter you sent me you said the south is changing me. I disagree. Its the Atonement that is changing   me daily. Helping me move forward and improve myself each day. 
  Sometimes out here you have days where everything falls through and people drop you. Its like anything that could wrong does and the way before you is full of hurtles that you have to jump through. And other days it seems as if the windows of Heaven are wide open and God is smiling a upon you. I take comfort and Joy that Christ and his atonement are always there for both days and then some. A  scripture that I have come to love is Revelation 21:7  I will tell yall about that in a letter sometime soon.   
Love Elmer... sorry Elder (Ryan) Duron

and yes I got the packages. Thank you guys for the cookies and hearts and Bro Brown for the GPS, it was sorely needed.

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