Monday, February 24, 2014

Twister in Trenton


Yo how's it going? Man, it was a week of tornadoes, ghetto vs rich, bounty hunters, and spiritual apostrophes.

      The weather is gone crazy! snows one, day the next day its sunny,  then tornadoes and hail the next! Don't worry, we didn't have one touch down here but one did hit right in the middle of  Memphis. but man the area has been kind of bipolar.

    Trenton is super huge and the difference between the classes is so noticeable. One street is run down and  then you turn on the next street and its full of manisions and nice houses. and the people have been really nice here for the most part. Like for example we got a  referral for a man named Abe, but in the referral it said to  contact by tracting. So we go sure why not... well they forgot to put in there that it was in the middle of the woods in area full of houses that have their own lakes. So we got out and walked form one end to the other and found Abe, set a time to meet with him again, and used his bathroom, and went on our way. To tell yall the truth it could not have gone more perfectly than  it did. I give that one all to God.

     Oh yeah, Quinton had some problems! He forgot to take his meds and started talking about how he was going to go on a journey to find the Memphis temple. He went AWOL  and we have not be able to find him... So an investigator of the other Elders (Trenton2) named Rusty Flowers (who has a date for this Saturday) decided to help us out by hiring a bounty hunter to find Quinton! All I could think of was Boba Fett on a   Ghost Rider motorcycle runing over little woodland critters trying to catch Quinton in the marshlands of Tennesse.
Okay,  Uncle Sam can take my paintball  gun if he sends me a package with a letter in it telling me how his day has been... No Im just kidding. Take good care of her. And I would like Haley to send me some drawings of  scriptures I could hang up and use.

From  Elder(Ryan) Duron Duron

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