Monday, March 31, 2014

Round Three in Trenton....Fight!

 Hey, man time flies by. Sorry for the the short emails. I try my best to keep y'all informed.   We have been taking a page out of Ammon's book and serving the members. I fixed up some chicken coups- that was fun- and burned tons of wood. Oh, and I found out where Elder Ginn lives!!!( more about that next time). The branch president (Higby) has been coming out with us to see people and less actives to try to get the branch afloat. 

  It's been a fight for every inch here with the people we have been teaching. Had two of them come to church yesterday, and man they are legit! One is L*** and the other was A***. They both loved  it and the members invited L***** over for dinner, and we are going to see A*** a member's place tomorrow.

    We have been working with a Baptist preacher named Daniel. He is a pretty cool guy. We gave him a Pamphlet about the  Restoration and went back to see him. The morning of I prayed that we would be able to talk, answer, and overcome any concern he might have. When we went to see him he frist tried to trip us up but we told the truth and used the spirit to guide us. Then we invited him to be baptized, and he said "well I have already done been baptized". we then used the Book of Mormon to answer his questions, and he brought out five bible's trying to bash with us but he could not since we used the Book of Mormon. I know if we are faithful and pray for help it will answered.  
Elder (Ryan) Duron

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