Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dead Dogs, Mean Dogs, and Lucky Dogs

HI! Man where to start- This week has been good. The word I would use to describe it is dogs. So many dogs and a lesson on charity.
   Where to start... How about zone conference? We will start there. There is where we learned that our goal was  changed. at first it was 636 baptisms for the year, and we all felt like we could easily hit that goal. L Tom Perry sent Elder Meredith to the mission to talk about the goal and there they changed it. The goal this year for the Arkansas Little Mission is 800.  I know that if we look ahead and believe  we can make it.

 So I got chased by a huge pit bull the other day-that was fun. A guy named Jay  referred us to a house that "could use a message about Jesus" and we went to go try. We walked up right up to the porch where said Pit appeared and charged us. We took off and luckliy it was on a  leash or I wouldn't be writing this Email.

   Then we stopped by Clyde's place. We have been teaching Cylde for a while. When we saw him he was pretty... lets just say he was out of it. and gave us a bag full of stale donuts, so we went to throw it away and found a dead Dog in the can=( .

  Also I have been strengthened by this week by rereading the Book of Mormon but this time I am doing it in 30 days! and I found a lot of new stuff. I know that this is not about me, it's not about self it's about all of us.  All of God's family needs to  receive his gospel.

   love yallElder (Ryan) Duron 

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