Monday, June 9, 2014

the gift of faith, of miracles, and of laughter.

This past week should be called "Random Stuff Happens and Things Still Work Out Awareness Week." Between tornadoes touching down in the branch and almost having my bike stolen, miracles of the gospel of Jesus Christ never stop.

    After two months of working with an investigator, T-----, and trying to get her to come to church, we went with brother Hardin ( one of the coolest Southern members in the world) to invite her to church for the 100th time. Before we went in I prayed to my Heavenly Father that if she felt that this was true, then help her overcome her fear of no friends and being alone. The three of us went in and promised her that the spirit would be there at church and confirm the truth of this. She still was a bit afraid until her son came in and asked whats up. We said we are just seeing if your mom would come to church, but she does not want to go alone.  Her son turned to her and said "I will go with you." Then T-----, her son and her daughter went to church. I know God answers prayers, even in super small ways, he answers them.

    God has a way of keeping us awake and alert and reminding us who we are and why he gives us this gospel. A lot of crazy things have happened, like a 10 year old kid took my bike. We were riding around the  bad part of town when we were flagged down by some kids who asked if we could fix bikes. As I was helping them I turned my back on my bike, and  one of them hopped on and took off. I turned to elder Oblad, who was holding on to his bike with a kid in the seat trying to make off with it. Don't worry, we kept both of our bikes.

                        Trenton Branch Missionaries

   Plus a  tornado touched down in Milan, a town in the Trenton branch. No harm was done exept to some crops and a trailer was turned up side down.

  We have to trust in God and remember his ways are for sure not our ways. Read the book of mormon in 30 days-it's legit.

                   Love, Elder Duron  


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