Monday, June 23, 2014

Transferred- in and out in 6 Months

What's up? I got a call from my good friend Elder Udall telling me that I am being Transfered on Wednesday. Let me tell it stinks and is good all at the same time. I am ready for what comes because I know where I stand and who I stand with.

   The last 6  months of my mission have really been a turning point here. Life gets crazy but we got to hold on and stay to things that we know are true, and that is that Jesus is my savior, Joseph smith is his prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day sanits is his full gospel and church again on the earth.
   Wakalo (New mission president) comes in on the 23rd and think it will be bitter sweet.      Shirt size is 17 1/2 .

From Elder Ryan Duron

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