Monday, August 18, 2014

Same as it ever was…NOT!

This week has been a missionary week. Translation: full of hard work. we walked, talked, biked, drove, and.... Then we did it again. 

   We have been working on using and working with the members. So, know how to make a missionary's day? Say you have some one you want them to talk too. If they are good missionaries they will always crack a smile.

   I have learned that charity never fails. How did I? From Mormon, in the final days of the Nephites. He wrote that while his people were on the road to death; he says he loses his faith in them (Mormon 3:12), Then he has hope for them! (Mormon5:1-2). As I saw this I waited for him to lose his charity for them. But it never happens, Although they are some of the grossest of sinners who murdered, swore against God, and ate babies,  yet Mormon loved his people so much that he lead them to the bitter end. He did not care what happened to him, he even called them fair! 

      We all need this charity. How could we ever think things would or could change without this Chirstlike love? We need to put our friends, family, and those around us first in order for that rock cut without hands to roll forth, not only on the earth but in us .

 I have some names Y'all can pray for: LA, (a.k.a. Kirk) Sarah, and Jackie.

Love Elder (Ryan) Duron

    PS we have a new finding Idea and if it works I will wirte about it next time. But This I can tell you-his name is Tim Gray

PSS I need some socks....could they be nikes?

PSSSS  Tamales

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