Monday, October 20, 2014

Read and Pray

That has been the theme of this week. Read the Book of Mormon and pray, to ask God if these things are true. Seems simple and yet so many people fail do it.

   Like C., we have been working with him for a while. We saw him a few days ago and asked him if had put our message to the test. He asked us a lot of questions, like who are some famous Mormons, What about smoking and drinking. When we asked him again he said " I am afraid to ask because I know I will get an answer and I will need to change." We testifed that change is good and that if this is true then this change will be from God.

  The other is Mrs M. she is still telling us that the Book of mormon is too much reading, but she is starting understand as she prays about it. She is an awesome Lady who needs to just keep at it to understand  it.

   Then  there is Mrs B, an awesome lady who is open to the spirit and is willing to pray and read. she is the lady I talked about last week who wanted the blessing. She is gaining answers as she keeps putting it to the test.  And it is the TEST! Read, look through it. Search for the truth, relate it to the things you know and see if does not give more truth. Then go to the ONE who has all answers.

  I got a transfer call from my zone leader ( Sis Knight's grandson) I have to get on the midnight train to Little Rock on wednesday, after I put on my name tag and say a little pray for Yall.***
Love, Elder Duron

  P.S. we do behave. Thats just what Bro Bill says. I will send I pic of him soon.

*** This is a reference to Elder Jackson, the grandson of Gladys Knight of Pips fame. Pretty sure Elder Duron does not know that one of the songs he's referencing was actually song sung by Dion Warwick ;)

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  1. Why do people in Arkansas only name their children with letters instead of real names?