Monday, September 22, 2014


*The title of this post probably refers to Elder Duron crashing on his bike, but he doesn't mention it in his letter*

   This Week has had it is share of ups and downs. To sum it up it would be to put it into pharses like this " You Behave and be a good Missionary" - bro Bill, "The power of the holy Ghost will tell you the Truth of all things- Moroni ", "I have been waiting for this my whole life!- Eric " and "Clowns can't die "- Kid

    Lets Start with "You behave"  Brother Bill is a recent convert who stiudied the Chruch for 30 years and got baptized 3 months ago. He is a funny guy. He calls me brother Elder Dainels. Keep him in yalls prayers

   Then Comes  the  promise from Moroni which I have seen proven true again and again.We have a few people we are teaching that have said "I know its true,

and you can feel the honesty from it." The book of Mormon is so true, trying to say it's false is like saying the sun is blue.

   Speaking of the Holy Ghost, it led someone to us. His name Eric. He has been coming to church for the past three weeks and got baptized on Saturday. He is an Engilsh professor at one of the colleges here and an ex-teacher at a Methodist church. He says he was not getting fed at any of those churches   until he came here and feels full.

   I know that living a happy life starts with your thoughts. I have been focusing on how to keep good
thoughts and how use the Gospel to do that. I will send a letter about that.

   The last phrase came from a boy who I asked " what should I do for a job when I get back home"? he said a space man or a clown because clowns don't die.

Love y'all
Elder (Ryan) Duron

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