Monday, November 11, 2013

: Blytheville, And Ice cream

Hi ther' from YE ole Piggott.
Where to begin, man what a week. Well we will start with exchanges
    I had the opportunity  to go to Blytheville, which was fun. I got to be the senior companion. Elder Bunderson has only been out for 4 weeks so that was interesting. I wish I had my camera with me. We met a sweet old lady with a "concert filled" ( it was hollow) baseball bat who cried when I told her I was only going stay for a day. Also Bunderson had nightmare that all his invesigators were dead, and he woke me and I thought it was to get up, so I got my knees and started to pray, and I realized  I a good 3 more hours before we had to wake up. =)

   Neil is doing okay but pray for him. Skippy and Dolores almost dropped us but we bore our testimonies and taught them the plan of happiness and they brought up baptism. They asked if they had to be rebaptized  and we explained it with the Ice cream truck story. I asked Skippy what would you do if the Ice cream guy handed you a ticket. He similed and said "I would use it to buy some Ice cream". x) They are working towards baptism in a couple weeks.
   The work here has been going great. We have been finding people like crazy and every one is willing to talk to us.
  Thank y'all for the love and support. We have had an awesome week. Thank y'all so much.
pic1 me and a Thunderbird
pic 2 me and a horse

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