Monday, November 4, 2013

It's the hash slinging slasher and we get our door knocked

Thank y'alls for the prayer and packages. They were sorely needed.   We had a good week. We talked to an ex preacher who agreed with everything.  It's just that he believes a hundred percent in the Trinity and was trying to so badly to prove it to us I felt sorry for him. We testified of the Book of Mormon and told him that it can answer those questions.    Halloween was fun.We rode our bikes so people would not mistake us for trick or treaters and luckly no one egged our house so we were happy! We also had dinner at a part member family where the husband is a dry Mormon- had dirty rice and fried green beans.   We also had a Jehovah's wittness knock on our door Friday morning, which was fun. He was super surprised  to see me answer the door O-O. We tried to offer him a Book of Mormon but he said he already had one. He also asked if we trick-or-treated as kids and we said yes, but we don't do evil stuff, but he just handed us a paper and ran away.   Elder Pedersen and I have been doing well and the area is coming along because we are working crazy ladies! okay see yall later
(Note -Ryan says the librarians in Piggott are very strict about keepingComputer usage to one hour, which is probably the source of the "crazy ladies" comment.)

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