Monday, November 25, 2013

Piggott Rising

HI there. It is soo cold! But I plan  to buy a jacket, gloves, and a hat. A member made scarves for me and Pedersen.

   My oh my,  I forgot the camera! I am such a Pyle! ( goof) I had pictures of the Memphis temple and everything, but oh well. So out with Elder Pedersen and in with my new comp Elder Bluth. Guess where he is from... no not Tonga but Sandy Utah.

   We were teaching Skippy and Dolores last Friday and man the spirit was there.  During the lesson their grandson Logan walked in and looked at the ceiling . I gazed up and saw a huge spider. Logan said " I'll be back" so we went on. Then he comes in with a 12 gage shot gun and I think my gosh he is going to shoot that spider back to kingdom come. But he grabbed the barrel and smashed it with the butt of the gun.
All three of them are reading and praying to know the truth.

   We have been coming up with new ways to find people because Elder Bluth broke his leg before he came to Piggott. So we have been putting our names on lists at the hospital  and the community  center of people who can go and see those who are in need or are ill. We have faith that this we lead us to the elect.

  The sister  missionaries are having a hard time right now. Their top progressing investigator ran away  with the circus. I am not kidding. He joined the circus and as the strong man is going to travel the country. He says they are stopping in Tucson somewheres so keep your eyes peeled for a Cody Haggar, and when you do find him sick the missionaries on him!!!
  The branch is coming along just fine. I wish I brought that camera, but oh well.

Love Elder R.E. Duron

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