Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Age- the Meltdown

Happy 20 years together Mom and Dad!!!! That's awesome, and great job on the solo, Haley.  I have heard that you did great. we still have the same address so if you send the packages  now it be awesome.

  This week was great. I think we came across a drug dealers house a couple  days ago looking for a less active member. How do I know that... well because the dogs don't like guys in suits. That's right-the dogs did not try to bite us; they just got in our way and would not let us past.

  Speaking of dogs,  we saw Meliva again and she is doing fine. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders, so me and Elder Soelburg went to see her and ended up chasing her mean biting little old blind Ewok dog around her yard. Yup, it bit me so I had to exercise patience and give the dog back to its owner.

   Oh yeah you guys will laugh at this. they had me counduct the music in priesthood 3 times in a row now so tell the young men to go Nike and just do it! also in church the priesthood lesson was about Joseph Smith. The teacher ( one of the most southern men I have ever met) gets up there and says "what do we know about Joseph Smith." someone says he was form New York; the teacher looks up and says "that would mean is he a yankee anet he". x)

  Yesterday was awesome. Our investigator got interviewed by president.... and he passed. Now all we have to do is wait and pray for him. He plans to get baptizied on 22 with his son and we cant wait to have a white Christmas in Paragould.

  So about the phone call I can only do it on Christmas day, and yes I will at around  lets say 8 or 9 which means like 7 or 8 for you guys. And if you could be at uncle sam's on Christmas day that would be awesome. If not, oh well.
LOVE Elder (Ryan) Duron

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