Monday, September 1, 2014

No Capes!!! Or black ties...

 If I could think of how to sum up this week it would be, No Black Ties! or I Gotta Rock. Which pretty much means it was a hard but funny week.
  This past week we have been hitting the pavement trying to find new people and get people to come to church. One of the funny things that happend was on Wednesday. We were driving and we saw Bro Bill. We pulled over and started talking with him when this guy walks over and says "Yall missionaires?" I said yeah. He then handed me a rock and said " here is an Arkansas rock." and walked away. As we ended our talk with bro Bill and drove off, we thought that he had just given us a ju ju Voodu rock... so we threw it away.
   We came to find out later that he is a member who has been less active for years and wants to learn what church believes again. Good thing he has not asked what we did to the rock...

   We have found out why people may not be talking with us in black ties. Turns out whites shirts and ties + name tag means you're a mormon. White shirt + black tie means  you are from another relgion that goes door to door. So no more black ties I guess.
  All in all fun week.  Keep these people in y'all's prayers- Steve and Anggie, Monica, Tim Gray, Bro Bill, and the Lamberts the last is a member family in the branch who the wife just passed away last night. I will keep praying  for y'all if you keep praying for these peeps-deal? just Joshing I will always pray for y'all

 Form  Elder (Ryan) Duron

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