Monday, October 21, 2013

Onward, Ever Onward

Dear Mi Familia and Everyone Else,

The work here in Piggott is moving forward. Not as fast as I would like it to, but it is going well.
Thank y'all for the prayers and the love.

    Where to begin...well I forgot to tell who was baptized, Silly me. Her name is Sheela Woolard and she was a miracle to say the least. But as she read and prayed she knew this was the path she should follow.

    So we were on bike week... well sort of. Elder Pederson hates riding bikes after having to do so for a whole transfer ( 6 weeks),  so we walk pretty much all of Piggot. Man let me you tell there are people who have been here since  the Flintstones, and they are the most humble and Christian people I have ever met. We taught a man named Skippy and he ate up lesson one and was hungry for more. We also tend to find a lot of people who were taking the lessons but moved here. So it is not by chance that we have been sent to open this area.

    We talked to an old Mexican man who had talked to missionaries before and has read the Book of Mormon twice!!!  and as we were talking to him he answered a call from his wife and said " I am talking to two Mormon missionaries. They are my buddies we speak the same language." I know that as we talked we saw how much God loved each of us and wants us all to live with him again. I hope we meet that man again.

  The meeting in Memphis was one of most inspiring meetings I have ever been to.

Dang it I have to go. Time is up. Love Y'all.  Keep me in your prayers, and Elder Pederson also. 

Elder Duron

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