Monday, October 14, 2013

 YUP I was transferred to a huge area with a small branch named Paragould. Elder Pederson and I are also opening a new area here in a small town called Piggot  [Pig-get].    It's a lot like Cabot in some ways in other ways it's a whole lot different. Piggot is a town where everyone knows everyone. But the big thing about it is that it has been untouched by missionaries. So no one really knows who we are. So we have the element of surprise. We also are living in a small duplex  aka house which is a little better than an apartment.   There are a lot of old people up here and they love talking to missionaires. We have been called a lot of interesting things here. Like some thought we were from a private school and an Elderly man thought we were ASU [Arkansas StateUniversity ] football players, which was new.  Along with me getting transferred here the Branch also got sisters and a senior couple from Idaho so the missionary force is building. Which also means that we get northern part of the branch and the sisters get the southern part and the Senior couple focuses on the less active members.    Elder Pederson is from Utah and he loves the people. He also does not know how to say no to members when they offer things.     The branch is full of awesome members. Like the Charles' who live in a crazy cool compound which brother Charles made with the help of missionaries over the course of 30 + years. Another one is Chip, a very solid member who lives in Piggot and it seems that everyone here knows him. You can't go anywhere without people here saying "aren't you from the church that Chip goes to?" or "tell Chip to come see us."   But any who  times up love y'all and I will work hard. 

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