Monday, October 28, 2013

Y'all want somethin' to eat?!

   What a  crazy week. ;) 
Man I gave a talk yesterday on the primitive church and how it works today.that was fun. Lets see what else have I forgotten to tell y'all.
  Oh yeah, Memphis.  I am sorry I forgot my camera because we got to see the temple. It was right next to the stake center where we had our meeting. It was awesome! It was about how we can be more bold yet loving towards the people. The guys who thaught are well known for baptizing hundreds of people on their missions to Utah of all places. It has done wonders as I have seen how the stuff they thaught us can apply to people and how we can help them to follow Christ.

     Investigators... these are some of the most interesting people I have met so far, and I love every single one of them. First is a man named Neil. He is a ex navy seal/EX UFC fighter/EX gangster. who is wanting to be baptized but he is on parole so he has to come to church for a while first. But he is doing great, and has a great faith in christ.

    The next is Melbia who we ran into because of her killer dog (which reminds me of that fur ball monster from the Dark Crystal). She has met with missionaries when they still had the discussions. So we thaught her the restoration, during the lesson we asked her if she had prayed about the Book of Mormon and she said that she has received an answer. So we invited her to baptism and tried to set a date for the 3rd of November and she  said " I need more time to study how about the 1st... of next year." o_0  but we are still working with her.

    Time is up I am sending y'all a letter tonight.  

    Yours from the front, Elder Duron

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