Monday, October 7, 2013

Bittersweet 'twas the week

What an awesome week and what a greater weekend!
     We had a baptism on Saturday. We did it in between Conference sessions. Man, let me tell you guys I was excited. Before Conference we were getting the program ready, and I was nervous to do my first baptism, but when it came time to do it I felt of God's love as I performed the baptism.
   Man, oh, man what a Conference! The speakers just blew me away with the talk of missionary work. It was the same stuff they use at the MTC, and they quoted Preach My Gospel a
lot. I love the talks form Utchdorf, Dube, and president Monson and Funk on missionary work. Their words ring true. We should be equally yoked in this work of bringing others to partake of the fruit of life.
   Now a lot of people wonder how can they do this.  Well in the words of Elder Nelson "Ask the missionaries they can help you." believe it or not, we are trained to help members do missionary at the MTC. Ask the missionaries for pass long cards that you can give people, which you can use when the time is right, or when you feel the spirit move you to do so. Also be open to giving the missionaries referrals and help them by inviting them over.
    Conference and a baptism was awesome. I learned a lot from that weekend to how I can better the work and help others follow Christ.

    The bitter part of the week is that transfers are this week and guess who's moving??? Well if you guessed elder Chapman you would be..... wrong. Yup, I got the call today-no idea where I am going. It turns out you don't find out until you go to the meeting. I am sad to leave, but I know that wherever I go  whether it be over the river, to the sticks, in the swamp or the middle of the city, that The Lord has put me there to bless not just me, but those who are ready for the gospel.
From Elder Duron
Saying goodbye to Elder Staib

    The baptism

From, Elder R Duron

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