Monday, September 9, 2013

About Cabot Arkansas

   Let me tell you about a small town named Cabot. Cabot is a place where everyone knows just about everybody unless you are in the Airforce; there is a base not too far form here. Cabot is made up of three places- Cabot, Ward, and Austin. Cabot is where the city folk live, but Austin and Ward is were the country people are at. In fact Jackie lives in Austin. There are three things you will find a lot of down here is Religion, Bugs, and kids!
   Religion is a big here. There are church buildings are every street; they even outnumber the fast food places. Also everybody belongs to a church. You have to look hard to find someone who does not have faith in Christ, which is one of the cool things about the south. HEY did Y'ALL know that President Kimball had a vision for the south? President Kimball said because of the faith of people in the south it will become one of most highest baptizing missions in the world.0-0 And I can see why.
  Cabot is like the fire swamp or the forbidden forrest, because there are bugs and dangers all over the place. But to a child its a playground. Yeah you find kids everywhere here, which is good because that means the are families that are ready for the gospel.
   We are teaching two part member families, the first is the Beasly's. The whole family are members expect for the father, Billy (he is the one that asked me about the guns) and we are helping him understand the gospel. Which is super cool because Billy told us he knows the book of Mormon and church are true. The other family is the Steeles who are the opposite, meaning the father is a less active member and the rest of the family are nonmembers. We have met and talked a lot but have not been able to teach because of how busy they are.
  What else...oh yeah I lead my first lesson. that was cool, that family was super prepared. and I had my first hand holding pray/talk which was kinda weird. We met this lady and her son in the middle of the street one day while S.Hing( Spiritual Harvesting/ Tracting). And we talked with them and offered to say a prayer with them. well Elder Chapman knew what was coming just by talking to them and had me say the prayer. And while I said it the lady started to yell and shake! 0-0 So that was fun, but work is going well. We have five people with a date to be bapitized.
  I love it here. Thank you guys so much for everything. Oh, tell Cierra and Shayla that their heavenly father loves them and it's awesome they're getting baptized. They are starting the path that leads to happiness and joy in life.

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