Monday, September 30, 2013

Exchanges, Ups, Downs, and a Mission Goal

HEY how are you guys doing? Let me tell you what a week. Where to begin hmm. Well I guess I will start from the beginning and then answer all y'all's questions.
   It started off with exchanges where Elder Chapman went to Jacksonville and I had the opportunity to stay in Cabot with the district leader Elder Staib. Once we parted ways, Staib and I went spiritual harvesting in Ward. There we found some awesomely prepared people. Once we kocked on the door and a man answered it and asked what were we selling. We told him that we were  representatives of Jesus Christ and that we felt that we needed to stop by and leave the Savior's peace and blessing. Once he heard this he said come on in, and the family was awesome. More on them later. So after that we taught a boss lesson which the sisters took, but I'm fine with that.
   This week was crazy. We had baptisms drop and lessons turn sour =(  but we kept our heads up. Oh, and I can tell football season has started. I remember we were spiritual harvesting and I kocked on a door and a man opened it. He looked at us and said " Hey guys not on Sunday alright!" I was about to ask why when we heard a referee whistle and he turned around and closed the door. Man, people in the south love their football. They also have a UofA here too 0_o. I think some one should tell someone about that.
   I have learned a lot from the hard stuff, but I only remember the good stuff in great detail. Like the lesson we had with that awesome family in Ward. We were teaching Lesson 1 and when we were telling them about the First Vision the father of the house said " I like that. It makes me feel good." The spirit was so strong they commited to baptism, but there is stuff we need to talk to them about.
    Last but not least the mission goal was to baptize 56 people this month. Last I heard they were one away from that goal. Also President has asked us to focus on The Book of Mormon when teaching, because that is how you can know if it is true. He challenged us to keep one in our hands at all times when we go out, but also use it to answer people's concerns, and what a difference it makes.
  I would like to answer y'all's questions.. The food is good. All Southern cooking like BBQ chicken, steak and gravy, and mashed patatoes. And with Conference we tend to invite people to watch and listen to see the fruits of  modern day prophets. Oh and the tech! Thats the big news. Missions in Texas have already got tech from what I hear and it's doing wonders. Like missionaries are teaching people in China! Also, When people are interested but the missionaires in thier area good to bed earlier, then they can talk to missionaries online. So that is awesome. Look on facebook under the name Elder and you will get a lot of them.
Love you all. Sorry no pictures this week but next week I will send them.
Elder Duron

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