Monday, September 23, 2013

Exchanges, Pox, and a Marriage/Baptism

Hey what's up???? Man what a week, let me tell you guys. A lot of stuff has happened in the past two weeks. let's see here where to begin... I think I will tell y'all about my exchange to Jacksonville for starters.
    Two weeks  ago I went on exchanges with elder Merrail in the town right next to Cabot named JacksonVille. A little bit about  Jacksonville: It's like Cabot but with more black people which is cool. Also it's bigger. So we go to into town eat fried pies (empanadas). Then we go to visit this one family; we go up to the door no one answers. So Elder Merraill walk's over to the house next door and I thought this was another family that they were teaching. He knocks on the door and this lady comes out and first thing I say is "Hi my name is Elder Duron, Elder Staib ( the distirct leader) is in Cabot. " Then Elder Merraill says  '' And I am Elder Merraill we are from the church of Jesus Christ..." I then realized that we were spiritual harvesting. Yeah I asked why he did not tell me he said "well I did not think of it until you started talking". But I learned a lot from him and how to study effectively.
   We have run into a lot of drunk guys  lately
and let me tell ya they are no fun. Like on Saturday we were teaching a family of two, Lynn and Cole, who are super close to baptism, and we were teaching Lynn about the word of wisdom when out of the blue this guy named Roberto comes in and you can tell that he is a little more then tipsy. Roberto then asks us why are there so many languages and starts telling us his life story. It was sad because you can tell the spirit had just taken a nose dive. But she commited to keep the word of wisdom. AH,  I just realized that Roberto might be the reason why she commited to the word of wisdom. We all learn from examples I guess.
    Yeah, having the chicken pox really stinks, but I can go out now. It's I just that look like a leper now, and most people tend to shy away from us, but I know that God's work cannot be stopped as long as we do our best. Oh, yeah also I have been cutting my hair I will send y'all a picture with this email.

  Oh and we have a baptisim happening this Saturday, but it's not just a baptism, it will also be a wedding. So that's going to be super cool.

   love you guys. I know that this is God's church and that he loves us and wants us to be happy. I know that God has called prophets to lead and guide us back to him, and that the book of Mormon is the truth of the restoration.
  from yours in arms,

 Elder Ryan Duron

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