Monday, September 16, 2013

Awesomeness, Fire and Brimstone and sickness!

Hey family how y'all doin'.

This week was awesome. We have new investigators who are amazing.
    We are teaching this lady lesson1 and asked her for examples of prophets.When we say that they usually say Moses or Noah, but she said Joseph Smith and Bringham Young. So that was cool. Also there is guy named Guimen who we are teaching. After we thaught him lesson one he said " You believe just about everything I do, just updated".  And he also said "hey so the book of Mormon connects  the dots".
   Also Hell is a very popular subject down here. These people are a God fearing people. At the tasty freeze they give away comic books which always end with someone going to H E double hockey sticks. But everyone here has a deep love for Christ.
  Cabot is full of many different churches. Bapitist, Nazeraine, Methodist and Assembly of God. We are actually planing on teaching a lady who says she can speak in tounges. 0_0 The work is awesome and the people are super cool.
love you guys,

Elder Duron

P.S. I am sick but don't worry that won't stop me from helping people come unto christ.

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